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Sinotectronics × PUMA - A 65 inch wall-mount Retail Smart Mirror

March 25, 2022

Latest company case about Sinotectronics × PUMA - A 65 inch wall-mount Retail Smart Mirror

As retailers compete to update the notion of what the retail store is, many are adding customized experiences to draw shoppers into physical locations. To this end, Sinotectronics has launched a Wall-Mount 65 inch XL Retail Smart Mirror for Puma.





Matching with prodigious software, the smart touch mirror equipped with complete hardware constitution including simple and elegant appearance with straight edge as well as mirror stainless steel, multi-touch projected capacitive technology, 3840*2160 4K resolution, VESA hole for installation achieves a variety of functions.


When users interact with the Smart Mirror "Discovery Wall," they can browse through all Puma inventory that is close to them using RFID. While browsing, users can also request a certain style and size right from the Touch Mirror. This information will be sent to the sales associates on who will then bring them their requested items right to them. No need for customers to go look for help.


This mirror also has a virtual fitting function. Through the 3D structured light camera, the smart mirror will input approximate body shape and height of the customer, and then customer can choose a fond style for virtual fitting, which is convenient and fast. After that, the mirror will receive payment by scanning the payment code presented by the customer.


Up to now, this Wall-Mount 65 inch XL Retail Smart Mirror has been shipping steadily, and Sinotectronics team is also developing more retail mirrors for suiting various application scenarios.


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