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27 Inch Crashproof Glass ITO Film Touch Panel GFF Projected Capacitive Touch Panel

Price : $70-78/piece Packaging Details : carton
Delivery Time : 5-8 work days Payment Terms : L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability : 50000~100000pcs/Month
Place of Origin: Suzhou, Jiangsu, China Brand Name: Master Touch
Model Number: MST-GFF-TPB-27-ETI

Detail Information

Name: MST ITO Touch Screen Panel Touch Point: 10
Operating System: Android/ Linux/ Windows Touch Technology: Pcap
Controller: WD8752 Channel: TX: 36 RX: 46
Structure: Cover Glass+ITO Film+ITO Film Power Supply: USB: 4.7V ~ 6.0V, Typical: 5V
USB Cable Length: 1.5m
High Light:

Crashproof Glass ITO Film Touch Panel


27 Inch ITO Film Touch Panel


GFF projected capacitive touch panel

Product Description


Master Touch 27 Inch ITO Film Sensor Touch Panel with Crashproof Cover Glass


1. Product Description


Master Touch 27 inch GFF projected capacitive touch screen panel, via a process of sputtering an ITO pattern on a film substrate to make a film-sensor, perceive touch accurately through capacitance coupling.

Capacitive touch panel works through body's current induction.When finger is on or close to touch panel surface,due to body electric field, the user and touch panel surface forms one coupling capacitance. For high frequency current, capacitance is direct conductor, then fingers suck a small current from the contact point, through amplifying and accurately calculating this current signal, the controller works out the touch point position.

The advantages of 27 inch GFF are low capital cost, suitable for small quantity batch production, and light structure.


2. Module Specification


2.1 Basic Information


Item Feature Remarks


Channel TX :42 RX: 74 -
Power 5V USB: 4.7V ~ 6.0V, Typical:5V
Communication USB USB: 2.0 Full Speed
Number of Touch point 10 -
O.S.  Windows/ Android/ Linux  
Power Consumption

1.Active Mode: Max.120mA @ USB Input 5V

2.Idle Mode: 90mA @ USB Input 5V

3.Sleep Mode: less than 1mA @ USB Input 5V

2.2 Mechanical Features
Item Specification Unit
Screen Size 27 Inch
Viewing Area


Cover lens O.D


2.3 Optical Features
Item Specification
Transparency Viewing Area ≧85%


3. Sensor Specification


Item Specification Unit
Stacked structure Cover 3.0 mm
Top OCA 0.125 mm
Film Sensor 0.125 mm
Bottom OCA 0.125 mm
Film Sensor 0.125 mm
Sensor Dimension
OD Size X


Y 363 mm


4. Electrical Specification


Item Type Value Unit Remarks
Operating Temperature - -20 ~ +80


20%~85% RH

Storage Temperature - -30 ~ +80


20%~85% RH

ESD Requirement ESD air requirement ±8 KV Air
ESD contact requirement ±6 KV Touch


5. Function Test


5.1 Inspection methods and conditions 

Connect jigs (Supplier provide test jigs and test software) to a computer; test touch function of products in normal electrical characteristics.

5.2 Inspection standards

Don't allow any function abnormalities. 


6. Drawing


27 Inch Crashproof Glass ITO Film Touch Panel GFF Projected Capacitive Touch Panel 0
7. Details
27 Inch Crashproof Glass ITO Film Touch Panel GFF Projected Capacitive Touch Panel 1


8. Use Cautions


8.1 Storage Cautions

Storage products must according to the temperature and humidity of product specification and do not accept direct sunlight or heavy weight.

8.2 Move Cautions

Must maintain clear clarity of sample, so please wear fingerstalls or gloves before you contact product. Gloves and mask will have stains and hold product around please when you hold the product. Avoid causing the lead loosing, please don't take the lead when you take out the product.

8.3 Combination Install Cautions

1. Don't put the extra tension to the product. Because the down-lead connection uses the hot pressing combination, do not use extra tension.
2. Installation combined, please don't pull FPC heavily, because pull heavily will make the FPC separated from product.
3. Please don't paste or install other items on the FPC. Such as: pasting a layer FILM or metal plate on the FPC, Because these add-ons will impose an extra pressure on the top of FPC, thus leading to the inner side of FPC become flexible.
4. If there is an aeration slot, when you design the product structure you need notice accessories of a product, they can’t have any liquid and powder.
5. In order not to make the T/P surface pressure, so the distance between the cabinet and our company’s T/P combination clearance shall be maintained 0.2mm-0.5mm.
6. As it will make serious damage on the transparent electrodes to operate in the area of the other than the drive area, we suggest that the design cabinet shall cover the edge of thedrive area for avoiding operating outside the area which would reduce machine life.


8.4 Operation Cautions

1. Do not use sharp objects touch. Please with finger or conductive pen touch
2. After long-term use, please use alcohol to remove product surface uncleanness.


9. FAQ

27 Inch Crashproof Glass ITO Film Touch Panel GFF Projected Capacitive Touch Panel 2

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